Top Tips for Setting Up Your Business’s Branding

The most successful businesses have visual branding that is an extension of their core values and beliefs.
Top Tips Business Branding

The most successful businesses have visual branding that is an extension of their core values and beliefs. While the business cards, logo, fonts and colours that make a first impression are incredibly important, the intangible aspects of your brand require just as much consideration. We share our top tips below for establishing an all-encompassing business brand.

Identify your Business Goals and Core Values

It is vital to establish your business’s identity in its entirety in order to successfully represent it in your visual branding. Identify your business goals, values and beliefs as these are the aspects that your customer can invest in emotionally and in turn, financially. Beyond profitability, what do you want to achieve in your business? Do you have a product that can make life easier? To you intend to donate a portion of profits to wildlife conservation. 

Consider Your Target Market
In the excitement and anticipation of preparing to launch your business, it can be surprisingly easy to overlook considering your target market and their reaction.

Firstly, identify your market and keep them at the forefront of all your branding decisions. By considering all aspects of their demographics including age, gender, location, income and profession, you can tailor the branding to appeal to your audience.

Secondly, once you have designed the visual components of your brand, review it objectively. Consider a potential customer’s first reaction; does it explain what you do? Does it tell a story? Is it memorable?

Be Unique but Identifiable
Finding the balance between being unique yet recognisable is intricate, but when done well it could make all the difference to the success of your business. Each choice you make with your branding must be backed by your business’s identity. For example, while red is known as a colour of power in advertising for its attention-wielding properties, and ability to increase one’s heart rate and administer a sense of urgency, it may not be the most appropriate choice to advertise a relaxing spa retreat. Be mindful to avoid advertising tactics that are not in line with your business’s purpose and identity. In addition to this, find ways to be unique that go beyond your business’s appearance on paper; being known for having impeccable customer service, for example, is an excellent way to be identified as a brand.

Plan For the Future
Aim to establish a brand that will stand the test of time. Not only is re-branding expensive, but it resets the relationship you have built with customers that makes your business identifiable and trustworthy.


By keeping your target market and identity at the forefront of your design process, your brand is sure to be an accurate reflection of your business’s goals and values. In turn, you will establish a brand that is credible, honest and relatable, which will give your business the best chance of success.



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