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The most mis-understood business finance tool in Australia.

Invoice finance, a misunderstood tool in Australian business finance, often gets misjudged by prospective clients, brokers, and referrers.

These opinions stem from negative past experiences, a lack of comprehension, or sheer unawareness of its benefits for growing businesses.

Many finance professionals also fail to grasp its essence, workings, gains, and pitfalls.

Surprisingly, a senior bank manager from one of the big 4 once informed me, “Our bank would never provide such funding.” However, they did; he just wasn’t aware of it.

Another business banker (different bank) when I explained trade credit insurance to him told me “I think you need to get some legal advice; that can’t possibly be legal.”

Nova is developing a small easy-to-read booklet. Every week, a new chapter will be published, and all chapters will be available on Nova’s Learning Hub.

Our aim is for brokers, referral partners, and potential clients to gain a clearer understanding of how invoice finance can help start, save, turn around, re-build and grow small and medium businesses and unlock the hidden capital in their business.

We hope you enjoy the short read and find chapters and the end booklet a useful tool in your business.

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