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Economic Recovery – Supporting Australian Business

As we look to grow our economy, we must encourage and support each other as Australians in business. Now is the time for every Australian business to support each other where they can. It means, that as SMEs it is mutually beneficial for us to look at local options for supply, we must work with local businesses and support locals where we can.
Many small business owners just don’t know where to start though. Just start and think about a plan and build a strategy you can implement. As a small-business owner, you can play your part in the rebuilding of the Australian economy by:

  1. Build relationships: Supporting local businesses and Australian Made does not mean you have to sever your relationships with your existing overseas suppliers. Think about how you can maintain your own form of “small-business diplomacy”.
  2. Pick up the phone: Ring and ask to talk about what your existing deal is and how they might be able to work with you.
  3. Think quality and safety: Australian standards are among the most stringent in the world – it means you are guaranteed high-quality products that are safe for you and your customers.


We can view our present environment as an opportunity. The world wants products they can trust, products that are safe and produced under strict regulations. We can choose to support each other on the Australian economic road to recovery.

(Source: Inside Small Business January 2021)

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