Invoice Factoring As An Alternative Financing Solution

An invoice is a document that has a list of what is owed to you for goods and services rendered. It is a demand for payment from your debtors.

There is usually time between when the invoice is received and when payment is made when the debtor scrutinizes the invoice and reconciles it to the goods or services received. The time taken is the credit period and it is usually agreed upon between the creditor and the debtor before services and products are offered.

The credit period can range from as few as payment on-demand where an invoice is settled immediately it is received, or it can be as long as 90 days. In international payments, the credit period may be even longer due to shipment and other delays in clearance of goods.

Invoice factoring is when a business leverages its invoices against cash to a third party called a factor. The main reason for invoice factoring is to avail immediate cash business to meet its current obligation. The invoice factoring company will then wait until the creditor pays to get its cash back. Invoice factoring is, therefore, a good source of debt finance.

How Invoice Factoring Works

A company delivers goods or services to customers who are reputable and sends them correct invoices. The company receiving the goods acknowledges receipt of the invoices.

Due to the time it will take to receive payment from the debtor, your company sells the invoices to an invoice factoring company otherwise known as the factor.

The invoice factoring company verifies the invoices by contacting the debtor and once the verification is satisfactory, your company receives up to 85% of the invoice amounts immediately. The amount you will receive will depend on your agreement with the invoice factoring company.

The invoice factoring company then receives the payment from the debtor and deducts a fee for the service it offered you. If there is a balance, it is forwarded to your company.

Invoice Factoring as Alternative Financing Solution

As a company, you can use invoice factoring to meet your immediate cash flow needs. The only collateral you need is the invoices from reputable companies and clients. Invoice discounting companies do not require many documents compared to banks.

Invoice factoring is a great way to get short term debt to keep running your business without having to worry about your short term obligations such as salaries and rent. With invoice factoring, you are assured of cash to produce goods and services for other clients.

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