Use Factoring Finance to Negotiate Prompt Payment Discounts from Suppliers

Negotiate prompt payment discounts from suppliers with Factoring Finance   Factoring finance is a tool that you can use in many ways. All businesses love customers and clients that pay quickly. They do not have to chase for payment. In fact, suppliers love prompt payers so much that they are often willing to offer discounts […]

Use Debtor Finance or Factoring to Buy More Stock

Buying more stock/inventory using Debtor Finance or Factoring It is common practice in business to work using a “just in time” inventory management system. This means that you hold minimal stock and buy “just in time” to fulfill anticipated orders. Hopefully, you have anticipated soon enough. Many don’t realise you can use debtor finance or […]

Unlock Your Hidden Capital and What to Do With It

Introduction About Your Hidden Capital Growth is the goal of all businesses, unfortunately, it can be difficult to allocate the resources and funds to do this when stock needs to be bought, wages paid and outstanding invoices loom. However, if businesses had the capital that they had earned today in their hand tomorrow rather than […]

Consider Factoring and Accounts Receivable Financing

Running a Trade Services of Trading Company in Australia? Low on Short-Term Funds? Consider Factoring and Accounts Receivable Financing! Without the various trade workers that make themselves available for such a rich variety of services. Many of us would be stuck contending with problems by ourselves. It is not always easy to keep your accounts […]

What is the Factoring Reserve in the Factoring Relationship?

What is the Factoring Reserve Factoring Reserve is an integral part of the Factoring process. Factoring Finance works by funding the individual invoices of a small business.  The funding is done as two separate payments.  The first payment is called an advance and normally covers usually in two installments. The first payment covers approximately 80% […]

What is the Liability of the Seller or Business with Invoice Factoring?

Invoice Factoring – Sellers Liability   Invoice Factoring is a simple and efficient way to release the cash in your unpaid invoices by giving you access to working capital that lets you grow your business. Like all financial transactions, there are some drawbacks. One of the most important things to be aware of here is […]

Factoring with Nova Cash Flow Finance – the Role of Sellers Creditworthiness

Factoring with Nova Cash Flow Finance When an SME is facing cashflow problems mainstream, thinking by big financiers is that the business owner will call on personal savings. Unfortunately, by the time the cashflow crunch hits, personal savings have already usually been exhausted. Also exhausted are those of close family and friends.  When you are […]

Step by Step overview of Factoring Finance | Debtor Finance | Invoice Factoring

A Step by Step Overview of Factoring Finance Companies facing a cash-flow squeeze and slow-paying customers often sell their invoices or accounts receivable to specialized companies called factors. This is called Factoring Finance. Sometimes it is called Factoring Finance | Debtor Finance | Invoice Factoring or Receivables Finance. In this article, we will go through […]

Spot factoring, what is it and how does it work?

What is Spot Factoring A spot factoring deal – is just as it sounds the whole ledger can be factored or just a single invoice, in other words, “spot factoring”. Spot factoring is priced for risk as there is nothing else to offset against if the customer doesn’t pay. The process for approval, verification, and […]

Credit-collection Services in Factoring and Invoice Factoring

Collecting Unpaid Invoices Invoice factoring is not just a way for a small and medium-sized business to get access to funding at short notice. It has a number of other benefits to offer as well. It gives the business the ability to utilize its own assets to the maximum because it is the business’ receivables […]