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Nova Cash Flow Finance

Cashflow solutions for YOUR Business.

Nova Cash Flow Finance (Nova) provide cashflow finance, the “lifeblood” for business. Business in general and especially small and medium businesses (SME’s) in Australia keep hitting the same brick wall… Working capital to run their business and to expand their business.

Australian Banks are great at doing home loans but most small businesses can’t borrow to grow their business if the requirements of the business are greater than the value of their home or in they don’t own property. Some will do a very small overdraft (if you are lucky) but without bricks and mortar security there’s not much hope.

Nova take a different approach. We advance funds against your unpaid sales invoices using debtor finance, sometimes called factoring or invoice finance.

We usually advance 80% of the value of your unpaid sales invoices. Once you have delivered the goods or provided the service, submit your invoices to Nova and turn them into working capital to grow and expand your business.

Nova verify the invoice is correct and that there is no dispute and as soon as the customer verifies the invoice Nova advances cleared funds into your bank account.

It can be there within a few hours of you need it urgently. Once your customer pays Nova we pay the balance to you. We deduct a small fee for providing the service upfront and a charge whilst the money is outstanding. Most importantly it allows you to turn your invoices into cash right away.

Click on Your Solutions Here and we will contact you to provide a tailor made cash flow finance solution……….  Just for your business.

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If you got paid today… For the work you did yesterday… Think what you could do tomorrow!

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Part of Nova Finance Group

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Nova Cash Flow Finance

Specialists in Debtor Finance, Invoice Factoring Finance.

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