An entrepreneurial cabinetmaker in a major Australian city had a successful and growing business. He had the offer to take on some new major contracts but did not have the finance or working capital to fund his business growth and expansion.

It was likely he was not going to be able to take on these new contracts, which would have been an opportunity missed, because it was a potential “game changer” for his business growth plans.

He went to nearly all the main banks and finance companies. None of them were prepared to offer any financial support. Finally, a finance broker who was unable to assist him through a bank or other business finance options, introduced him to Nova Cash Flow Finance. This was probably his last chance to take on these really important jobs.


Nova Cash Flow Finance was able to offer a cash flow finance solution through factoring his invoices. The also found an innovative way to verify the work was completed.

The unpaid sales invoices for work verified as completed could be used as security to release more working capital, precious cash flow finance, into the cabinetmaking business. That way they could meet payroll, rent and all the other expenses.

Nova Cash Flow Finance was able to approve his application within 24 hours and offer the business a facility that provided the necessary capital to take on the new contracts and even larger projects, with the confidence that he would be able to meet payroll, pay rent and all the other expenses, and fund the acquisition of stock and parts required for each project.


The new client was able to turn his $300,000 on the debtor ledger, the unpaid invoices into cash flow – into working capital for his cabinet making business.

He was able to engage new staff, take on new work and contracts eventually larger jobs confident in the knowledge that he would be able to pay his bills, when he needed to.

By using the receivables finance facility he had in place through Nova Cash Flow Finance he went from distress to success.