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Use Capital Released Your Invoice Financing to Improve Your Business

Work ON Your Business not IN Your Business This is an age old saying that many business owners would have heard but many are guilty of not following. Sometimes it can be hard to know the difference or sometimes when a business is “your baby” it can be difficult to take a step back and […]

Move Your Business Online Funded by Invoice Factoring

Take your Sales and Marketing On Line We live in a world where if you are not online as a business you are missing out on a huge percentage of the population. However, it is not simply enough to have a website that directs a customer to call or visit you. People want to be […]

Invoice Finance and Factoring to Fund Expansion

Expand in Different Products Services and Regions In any business it is difficult to stay relevant if all you offer is one product. However ground breaking the product might be when you first enter the market; there will soon be copycats and competitors that show themselves and if you are not keeping current you will […]

Debtor Finance or Factoring can Finance Your Plant and Machinery

Purchase Equipment or Machinery to Streamline Your Workflow Purchasing new equipment and/or software for a workplace can sometimes be a huge lump sum cost for a business and a drain on working capital. Nevertheless, it is important to realise that by having the most up to date software and machinery you are reducing cost and […]

Use Debtor Finance to Fund an increase in Sales or Production Staff

Employ More Sales Staff or More Production Staff Often when small businesses start gaining momentum with marketing, log jams can be created in their sales funnel. This means that you are unable to keep up with the amount of new enquiries you are attracting. If you don’t respond to an enquiry you will lose the […]

Use Invoice Factoring to Boost Your Sales and Marketing

Increase sales and marketing budget It can be hard for business owners to justify a large marketing budget. Now more than ever, there seems to be more and more free options available to reach new customers.  Whilst free or very cheap, options like email and social media both have their place in the marketing game. […]

Use Factoring Finance to Negotiate Prompt Payment Discounts from Suppliers

Negotiate prompt payment discounts from suppliers with Factoring Finance   Factoring finance is a tool that you can use in many ways. All businesses love customers and clients that pay quickly. They do not have to chase for payment. In fact, suppliers love prompt payers so much that they are often willing to offer discounts […]

Use Debtor Finance or Factoring to Buy More Stock

Buying more stock/inventory using Debtor Finance or Factoring It is common practice in business to work using a “just in time” inventory management system. This means that you hold minimal stock and buy “just in time” to fulfill anticipated orders. Hopefully you have anticipated soon enough.Many don’t realise you can use debtor finance or factoring […]

Consider Factoring and Accounts Receivable Financing

Running a Trade Services of Trading Company in Australia? Low on Short-Term Funds? Consider Factoring and Accounts Receivable Financing! Without the various trade workers that make themselves available for such a rich variety of services. Many of us would be stuck contending with problems by ourselves. It is not always easy to keep your accounts […]

What is the Factoring Reserve in the Factoring Relationship?

What is the Factoring Reserve Factoring Reserve is an integral part of the Factoring process. Factoring Finance works by funding the individual invoices of a small business.  The funding is done as two separate payments.  The first payment is called an advance and normally covers  usually in two instalments. The first payment covers approximately 80% […]